Lobotomy Software Inc was established in 1993 made up primarily of former employees of Nintendo of America and Manley & Associates.

Having created PowerSlave (Exhumed in Europe) on the PC and 32bit consoles as well as the finest examples of Duke Nukem 3D and Quake that any console owner could possibly have hoped for, it has often surprised me why this company didn’t receive the adulation it truly deserved.

It occurred to me that while there were games that were ‘criminally overlooked’ and disregarded from a financial perspective (which is a common factor when identifying such games), I discovered that there were in fact two different categories:

The first relates to those games which the majority of gamers are at least aware were somehow overlooked (such as Beyond Good & Evil) but which are still nevertheless celebrated as such, and the second are those which are still unknown even to the majority of gamers today.

It is really the latter that should be our focus as lost gems of our videogaming past for if we accept that developers should only be judged on the strength of their games, then Lobotomy Software and others like the developers of Rocket: Robot on Wheels are the companies that truly deserve nothing less for having succeeded where it matters most.

I invite you to join me as we explore their work and find out why Lobotomy Software are still to this very day held in such high esteem by those lucky enough to have experienced their many delights at the time, as we prepare to celebrate the forthcoming 20th anniversary of Lobotomy Software’s founding (January 1993).

We aim to provide not only all of this but also a database of interviews that would otherwise be tricky to get hold of, a whole host of active links to other material found on other websites regarding the company, and a means by which you can share your views on the subject matter.


Please also sign our petition to get a proper sequel underway:

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. It is really cool to see somebody else remember the old gem such as Exhumed. I enjoyed the game so much, it would be great if a sequel would be made in the spirit of its predecessor. What happened to Lobotomy by the way?

    • Hi Raina, Thanks so much for your comment. Over the years I’ve personally come across a lot of people who remember this game fondly and yet inextricably, there was always one question that cropped up: ‘Why didn’t the team and their games get the credit they deserved?’ I hope that Exhumed/PowerSlave becomes recognized as the classic it is and that the sequel is rightfully made. It can definitely be done and would still be playable today as Metroid Prime still is. Thanks for your support.

      Please sign the petition and remember that if you aren’t comfortable with providing your real details, then just make them up – even the email. All we need is the signature, and hopefully some developer or publisher will see it as the great opportunity it really is 🙂

    • Relating to your question though Raina (sorry), I’m making a video on Lobotomy Software where I hope it will explain once and for all many of the unanswered questions that often arise with regards to them. I’ve tried to get some of the members on board as well (like Ezra Dreisbach and Brian McNeely) to make it as accurate as possible 🙂

  2. To anyone who works for Lobotomy Software can you please contact me I need to speak with you regarding copyright law and your software. Thank you

  3. Admin, save losted pictures from main page. you can get it on web archive they have a copy

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