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Lobotomy Anniversary Template for 2013

This is the thumb template I will be using for Lobotomy’s forthcoming 20th Anniversary in 2013. I hope you like it, though thanks goes to Lobotomy’s Kevin Chung for the original composition.

Thanks for baring with me regarding this project. I felt it was important to create the video as a good center point before I moved onto the uploading of the other content.

I will be rendering the video hopefully by this week, with an upload either this week or next week.

For those who do not yet know, this video will cover Lobotomy Software since their inception all the way through to their final game. It will also examine their faults as well as their games in some detail.

Many thanks to certain members of the team who have helped clarify certain issues.

Thanks for the support and more importantly thanks to Lobotomy for the memories!

Facebook link here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lobotomy-Software-Inc/386374664766482